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Diesel’s Story

diesel gsdDiesel was diagnosed 1 year ago with Mega E. After a long year of trial and error and many sleepless nights of him coughing and regurgitating I am happy to say we finally have it under control. After a year he is once again the happy active dog he once was. We keep his food bowl elevated and he is able to tolerate canned food. We have taken the water away completely. That was what gave him the most trouble. To keep him hydrated I mix Knox Blocks in with his canned food which is divided into 2 meals a day. Through out the day and evening he is given ice cubes to eat. He has done well with this. His worst time of day was always at night when he laid down to sleep. There was barely a night that he didn’t regurgitate. I purchased the Kong inflatable collar a month ago and put it on every night before we go to bed. It keeps his head elevated and well worth the investment. He has had no regurgitation at night since we started using it and has done great during the day

-Marsha Lowe


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