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Ruby’s Story

rubyOnce in a while I will come across someone who really inspires me to keep going and to never lose sight of my goals. This was the case for Sheralene Thompson, she has been a supporter of Maxx’s page for quite some time now and has purchased one of our shirts. Sheralene had told me that her dog had passed away from this disease but that’s all I knew until the day she sent me Ruby’s Story. I believe that we all have that ONE special dog that changes our life for the better, that will always hold a place in our hearts that no other dog will ever replace. Maxx is that ONE for me, I will always have a dog in my life but I know Maxx will forever be my special boy. This was the case for Sheralene and Ruby. Ruby lost her battle with MegaE but she inspired her mom to do great things for others, which in return reminds me of why I started Maxx’s Story to begin with. Below is Ruby’s Story, I hope this touches your heart the same it touched mine. Even when things are bad and life is hard you can always turn it into something good.

My story began in 2010 when our GSD Ruby was diagnosed with MegaE. She was already 8 years old and for the 2 years that she remained with us, we loved on her, fed her, listened to her breathing, stayed up all night with her, took her on nightly rides (which she dearly loved), took her to the beach and let her run in the sand or sit and watch the people go by. She had aspiration pneumonia on about 4 occasions and we thought in July of 2012 that she was recover once again. However, her body was too weak, the bacteria was resistant and we sadly made the decision to let her go that August. Ruby was my best friend and was that ONE special dog. She taught me so much in her short life (10 years). She inspired me to go into animal rescue. Since 2014 we formed a small non profit organization in our town to help homeless pets find homes.

-Sheralene Thompson


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  • I can vouch that Sheralene LOVED Ruby. She tried everything possible to make her baby happy and comfortable while she was here. And even years later, Sheralene still talks about Ruby and her eyes fill with tears. Since Ruby’s passing, Sheralene has helped create an animal rescue that has saved hundreds of dogs and cats as well. Our little community is so fortunate to have her.

    If Miss Ruby is up in heaven looking down, she’s giving her mom a big paws up.

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