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Sara’s Story

steveWe wanted a German Shepherd to walk with my wife so she would feel safe and we wanted a rescue since we have 3 rescue dogs. A pug, Pekingese, and later we got a lab mix from our daughter because she moved to Colorado and could not take her. My wife saw Sara online as a dog that needed rescue in Highland Village Texas animal shelter. We drove 50 miles to go see her and it was love at first sight. The worker at the shelter called her Sara and said they picked her up wandering the streets scared. We adopted her and brought her home. For a year we had no problems but noticed something odd, she would burp. We thought it was funny and she had gas. Then it turned into a nightmare. Sara started to regurgitate her food every time she ate. We took her to the Vet and he gave her some medicine for her stomach but that did not work. He then suggested X-rays and blood test to see what was going on. He called and said we needed to come in for a consultation. I knew that was bad news. He told us Sara had Mega-E and her Liver was smaller than normal and not functioning normally. He told us to feed her small meals and gave her medicine. My wife blended up her food and we made small meals. It did not work, Sara continued to regurgitate. We took her to the vet she had lost 10 pounds. He told us it might be more humane to put her down. Me and my wife were just about to do that then we saw a post about Maxx on the German shepherd community group and he had Mega E. We felt so relieved that we were not the only owners that had to deal with this. We reached out to Kristy and she replied back. She has been a blessing from God. She directed us to support groups, told us to try the neck pillow, and told us about the Bailey chair. I’m retired so we live on a fixed income and we owe a lot of Vet bills and I could not afford a Bailey chair. Thanks to Kristy’s foundation, she was able to get Sara a Bailey chair. Sara has already showed improvement. She is eating good and not regurgitating. Her weight is coming up and I can feel she is filling out. She wears her pillow nearly all the time except to go out and play. We are so thankful to Kristy and Maxx for all their help and support. God bless them both and please donate to this worthy cause. There are more dogs that need your help and there is hope.

-Steve Stagner

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