First things first, get a Bailey Chair. The link to Susan at Bailey Chairs 4 Dogs is on our Links page. If you don’t want to purchase a chair, you can find instructions on How to Build Bailey Chair online. If your struggling financially and wish for us to help you get a chair you must first speak to Susan at Bailey Chairs 4 dogs.

– You will need a Neck Hug or ProCollar. Some may think oh it cant help that much…Wrong! The link for Wag Tail Farms who custom makes neck hugs is under our Links page. You can purchase a cheaper form called a ProCollar from this link, or your local pet store. These are inflatable and if they don’t have any on hand they should be able to order one. The brand name Kong also makes one.

– If you have a Facebook account join the support groups, which are also listed under the link page. If you don’t have a Facebook account, I would consider making one. I honestly did not have a Facebook for several years prior to finding out about Maxx’s diagnosis. I made one as soon as I knew there were people willing to help. The support is well worth it!

MegaE proof your home! Keep your toilets closed, keep your trash cans secured, and pick up any toy, treat, or food that they can access and eat. If they chew up a toy or find food it will come back up later and it makes for a long messy night.

– If your pup is kenneled you can elevate the front of the kennel to keep your pup on an incline. This helps ensure that his food, water, or drool travels downward. We accomplished this by using wood that we measured and cut to fit the width of his kennel we painted it and tucked it under the front of his kennel. Some people add pillows under the bed to help keep them elevated as well.

– Staples you should keep on hand are antacids (ask your vet which is best for your dog) and also infant Gas-X, which helps if they have a “burp stuck.”

– Remember to feed your MegaE pup small amounts several times a day. This is hard for most parents because of their work schedule. Once you find a pattern that works, stick with it!

– If your pup has a problem with gulping down their food you can either spoon feed them or purchased a Slow Bowl. Amazon has some that are all different sizes and ours has helped Maxx slow down while eating.

– Finding the right diet and food consistency is vital you can find recipes and tips on how to find the perfect balance under Links we Love. Some that have worked for us are the Meatballs, Watermelon, and Knox Blocks.

– If you have hard wood, tile, or laminate flooring a dust pan and shower squeegee work great for cleaning up regurg!

-The biggest tip we can give you is to take a deep breath and have patience and determination that it will get better! Never give up hope, and prayer is an amazing thing!